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Admission Procedure

The Admission process is simple and transparent. Admissions is made subject to the availability of seats and fulfillment of the admission criteria.The school admits children from all walks of life irrespective of caste and creed. The admission process is aimed at giving us an insight into the type of education approach, glimpse of the Child’s strength, learning needs and potential.

A notification will be circulated among our school students and at times will be published in the leading news papers. Parents who wish to admit their child in the school need to submit an application form that can also be downloaded online. Parents are requested to be frank and honest in providing the required information in the application form

Any wrong information or concealment of information discovered later may lead to the cancellation of admission.

The admission to L.K.G will be based on the interaction between the Principal and the Parents. Admission for all other classes from U.K.G will be through a short placement test in specific subjects like Language, English, Mathematics and Science at evaluating the academic competence of the student

The selected students should produce the valid Transfer Certificate (TC) within the stipulated time.


Class Age Group
LKG 3 and  3+ years
UKG 4 and  4+ years
I std 5 and 5+ years


Part I Language : Tamil /French
Part II   English
Part  III I Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  II Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science.
  III Accountancy, Commerce, Economics and Computer Science.
  IV Accountancy, Commerce, Economics and Business Maths.

Admission Enquiry

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