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The school is proud to say that for the first time in the history of school education, an educational channel named Amal Vision- an in bound educative channel is installed and various educational programmes are telecast within the school campus. We find it an effective tool in inculcating discipline, good manners, ethics of life and also in enriching the knowledge of the developing kids. For the said Amal Vision TV channel, the school has designed a fully equipped mixing studio and a recording theatre. The mixing studio is fully equipped with computerized mixers, broadcasting software and a recording theatre for telecasting live programmes and also for recording various programmes that would be telecast periodically.

The Programmes that are telecast from the studio to the classrooms are as follows.

  • Prayers of all religions with visual video effects that serves as a sort of meditation to the students and also to develop them spiritually. (video)
  • Telecast of National Integration songs with thrilling visual effects to inculcate patriotism in every child.
  • The Principal’s message to the students are telecast to the classrooms once a week.
  • Various personalities from all walks of life are invited to speak to the students thereby motivating/guiding them to lead a very productive life.
  • Student’s Corner - a programme giving opportunity to expose the inherent talents of the students.
  • English language training programmes are telecast everyday so as to help students learn to speak better English.
  • Birthday wishes are conveyed to the students and staff via video network.
  • English news is telecast during the afternoon session.
  • Useful educational programmes received from leading networks like Animal Planet, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Fox History Channel and various other Entertainment Channels are telecast to the students.
  • Motivation Movies, Documentaries on various leaders and great personalities, cartoons, comedies, craft work, artwork, students creations etc., are telecast during the lunch break as an entertainment and mind relaxing technique.
  • Various inventions and discoveries, scientific facts etc., are telecast as an additional information to the students.
  • Notable Sports events are telecast on selected days.

Various other programmes are planned and telecast with a view to enable the all round development of the students. Sure, this new revolution in the field of education would make education interesting and thereby help in moulding great citizens of future India.

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The school is proud to say that for the first time in the history of school education, an educational channel named Amal Vision...