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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK : “ Discipline your thoughts and you will find discipline in your entire life." ***


“Seed and its Potency”

As a seed has the potency to become a tree, students have their own latent talents within themselves. To bring out their potency, we have “AMAL SPORTS MEET” every year during which process, we identify talents and send them to represent the school at various sports meets held at the Zonal, State and National level.

The meritorious students who have won accolades for themselves as well as the school are detailed below:

Message from the Founder, Correspondent and
Senior Principal

This message comes from a heart brimming with boundless joy and gratitude as the celebration of 30 years of noble service comes to a close, Joy at... Read more

Crowning Glories

As a consequence receiver, you will only be a history reader. As a choice maker you will become a history maker. Know more

Amal Vision’s Educational Program

The school is proud to say that for the first time in the history of school education, an educational channel named Amal Vision...