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Rev.Sr.Mary Anthuvanet Hostel

Rev. Sr. Mary Anthuvanet Hostel run by Amalorpavam Educational Welfare Society was established during the year 1987 in memory of the great sacrifice rendered by Rev.Sr.Mary Anthuvanet, the Founder’s sister, during her attempt to help the flood victims in Bihar. In the Hostel, boys and girls of our School are admitted and only limited boarders are preferred. The boarders are under the direct control and supervision of the Principal of the School. Affectionate nannies are readily available to attend to all the immediate needs of the children, such as bathing, shoe polishing, laundry, dressing up, toilet assistance at night and so on. The hostel has a good kitchen facility and provides both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and maintains the correct nutritional balance.

Boys and Girls are accommodated in separate hostels.

Facilities provided in the Hostel Building

  • The new Hostel building with all adequate facilities has been planned and  inaugurated by the Beloved Founder, Correspondent and Principal of Amalorpavam Hr.Sec.School,  Kalvisemmal Thiru. S.A.Lourdusamy  on 13th December 2009 at 11.00 am. 
  • The bright, spacious and well ventilated building is specifically designed for comfortable  living.
  • Individual cupboards are provided with locking facility to store dress materials. Separate space is provided for placing bedding, toiletries and School bags.
  • Clean Toilets, Baths and Wash Basins  are provided at all floors of the  hostel building.
  • Hot water facility is available  at all floors of the hostel building and will  be provided to  those  in need, as bathing in cold, natural water is good for health.  
  • Study tables are provided.
  • Special coaches help the students do their homework and also study their daily lessons.  Student who are weak in studies are given special attention.  
  • Television with Satellite connection in provided to entertain the students during  free hours.
  • Yoga is a method of joining the individual self with the Divine, Universal Spirit, or Cosmic Consciousness. Physical and mental exercises are designed to help achieve this goal, also called self-transcendence or enlightenment.  In order to help the hostel inmates lead a fully  disciplined life, training in  yoga is imparted in the early morning so that they gain concentration and  also  develop a good health.
  • Necessary fire safety arrangements are also made on all the floors as per the govt. instruction.
  • Speakers and intercom facility  are also provided on all floors of the  hostel building.
  • RO Purified Drinking water is  provided.
  • A 62.5Kva Power Generator is installed to  ensure continuous power supply.

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