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Dr.S.R.Ranganathan Library Hall

Our School library named Dr.S.R.Ranganathan Library Hall provides academic resource for all Constituents of all the school – Students, faculty and administrative staff. The library provides quite and tranquil environment where children can utilize to satiate request for knowledge.

The centrally Air Conditioned library has been designed with the vibrant environment to make the reading experience enticing.

The Library has rich treasure of encyclopedias, illustrated dictionaries, 2,409 Reference books, 25,717 various contents list and 45 monthly periodicals which is totally to a huge sum of 28,126 books.

Our Library is a first RFID Library among the Schools of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry with online accessibility. It is provided with self server kiosk which is all-in-one solutions for Libraries used for automated check–in and check-out process. A full featured advanced integrated Library Software is installed for easy access.

With the aim of inculcating a life-long passion for book knowledge, we encourage the students to make the most of their library sessions.

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