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Message from the Founder

Message from the Founder, Correspondent and
Senior Principal
Thiru. S.A. Lourdusamy

Reminiscences of the past 35 years are indeed wonderful and miraculous in the annals of the school; climbing up and up a ladder, step by step to reach the peak of the mountain of fame and pomp imparting Education via. Discipline. I am very strict in my endeavour, no doubt, but kind hearted to my children, patting them in times of excellence and at the same time being determined to bring the straying wards in the line of reality and see the future world with good hope. I feel proud to see my children everywhere in the world today. I enjoy the fruits and nobility of 49 years of service, being a teacher and administrator. I thank the Lord, Almighty through my Patron Saint Mother Mary for the grace showered me so far. My early 14 years, as a teacher both in the local schools and Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jipmer campus and Aravankadu, & now the Founder, Principal and administrator of Amalorpavam Hr. Sec. School for the past 35 years have all been enriching experiences. I remember my staff, my brothers and sisters, the pillars of today, shouldering my responsibility whole heartedly and doing a yeoman service to the young buds of the present and the future generation, continuing what I have started; moulding the character and developing the skill and ability, both physically and mentally.

I have had to face an awful beginning, standing singly in my endeavour, but today it is very pleasant to see the family, Amalorpavam, stand together facing the vision of the future with hope and success.

I heartily congratulate all the students and the staff who have all, through their dedicated and co-ordinated effort made the 35th year celebration a memorable one.

I would like to conclude this brief message of mine expressing my deep gratitude to each and every person who has been supportive in all of my noble endeavour and has extended a helping hand in grave times of need. It is also my bounden duty to express my gratitude to God Almighty for having chosen me as his instrument for this lofty & Noble endeavour.

God bless one and all!

Praise be to the Lord
Hail Mary

Message from the Founder, Correspondent and
Senior Principal

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