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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK : “ Discipline your thoughts and you will find discipline in your entire life." ***

Societies and Clubs

NSS : National Service Scheme

Since 1994, our NSS Volunteers have been involved in with Zest and Zeal in a variety of social service activities like campus cleaning, velrampet lake cleaning project, beach cleaning, orientation programme, awareness campaign, fire safety programme, disaster management programme etc.,

Naval Troop, 1 (P) Naval Unit

In order to develop leadership, character, comradeship and the spirit of sportsmanship among the students, Naval Troop 1(P) Naval Unit has been inaugurated on 29th June 2012. Students are being selected and given drill practice and sent to various camps organized by NCC Naval Unit and conducive environment is created to motivate the students to join the armed force.

JRC : Junior Red Cross

To inculcate the young minds with the values of brotherhood, help the needy in an unselfish way, promote the values of solidarity, good health, international friendship and establishing a peaceful nation and to teach the basic skills necessary for responding during emergencies in natural calamities, JRC has been inaugurated on 27.07.2013 in association with Indian Red Cross Society, Puducherry. Students of JRC have attended 2 camps at Dharamshala from 30.11.2014 to 10.12.2015 and another in Trichy on 26.12.2015. Further a medical camp is organized every year to provide first aid to the pilgrims who walk to Velankanni.

1(P) Air SQN NCC

1(P) Air SQN NCC Air wing is engaged in grooming young children to serve and be a disciplined patriotic citizen. The Air wing has been inaugurated on 23-08-2016 in our school. Cadets are given small hands - on training hours.

Students Police Cadet

Student Police Cadet has been founded in the year 2016. Totally 48 students are selected as cadets and they are trained by the police officers with drill practices, marching and are taught about traffic signals, duties and responsibilities of the cadets at the traffic junction. Cadets have been posted on duty during the days of Pooja celebration, Diwali, New year celebration and various special occasions to manage the traffic

Message from the Founder, Correspondent and
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Crowning Glories

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