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Sports and Fine Arts

Volley Ball Court

Volley Ball court, an outdoor PU synthetic floor – National standard court with the floor thickness of 3 mm. is provided with steel volley ball post with sportive net, handle lifting with brass gear box of removable type. The court is fitted with Philips luminaire flood lighting with high power LED and unique flood optics to ensure uniform distribution. The light is specially designed for outdoor games. The lighting on the play area is 300 – 400 lux. This National standard level court is first of its kind among Pondicherry schools.

Basketball Court

The basketball court is provided with acrylic floor sports flooring whose play area is flat, hard surface and free from obstruction with dimension of 28mtr in length by 50 mtr width measured from the inner edge of the boundary line. The court is provided with a movable post fitted with toughened glass designed as per FIBA rules. The court is fitted with Philips luminaire flood lighting with high power LED and unique flood optics to ensure uniform distribution. The light is specially designed for outdoor games. The lighting on the play area is 300 – 400 lux.

35 years

Cricket Nets

cricket nets are fitted in the school ground designed as per the ICC board approval for school level. The said court is used in imparting basic skill training for the cricket aspirants.

Kho Kho

Kho-kho is facilitated with adequate lighting for training the students in the evening hours.

Carrom Academy

Carrom Academy is provided in an indoor space with 12 tournament boards. The lighting is hung at a convenient height and fitted with 100 watts light. Arrangements are made to alter the height of the light based on the request of the player.

Chess Academy

Chess academy is provided in an indoor space with 30 chess mats and all necessary arrangements are provided for training and conducting state level tournaments.

Table Tennis Academy

Table Tennis academy is in an indoor space fitted with 7 national standard boards. Necessary lighting arrangements are made to maintain a lux level of 500. In addition, a special robo is fitted to a table tennis board to give intensive training for the beginners and very good players and help them learn the various nuances of the game and face tournaments successfully. Certain TT boards are placed over synthetic flooring to help students get a good practice for facing national level tournaments.

Badminton Indoor Stadium

Indoor Badminton stadium houses 3 nos. of 12 layered acrylic synthetic floored court designed as per national standards and fitted with Philips lighting whose lux level is 300 to 450. Galleries are provided for a seating capacity of 200 and locker facilities are provided for the students on request. This indoor stadium is first of its kind among Pondicherry schools and as a special feature the stadium is facilitated with a robo for training the players.

Key Board, Drums and Guitar

Separate provisions are made to train the students in all these instruments within the school campus. The musical unit compromises 31 key boards, 11 drums and 14 guitars and training is imparted by well trained gurus who have completed grade exams. Interested students are also given special training apart from school hours to appear for grade exams in the Trinity school of music.

Flute, Violin, Veena, Bharathanatiyam & Folk Dance

Separate Facilities are provided for training in instruments namely, flute, violin, veena, and for dance forms like bharathanatiyam and folk dance. Nearly 10 flutes, 10 violin, 7 veena instruments are provided and training is imparted by qualified teachers who have completed bachelor degree in different fields of music.

That apart, the school is training and conducting Salangai Pooja (Anklet adorning) and Arangetram for the bharatnatiyam students every year. The school has tied up with Kalai Kaviri Fine Arts College, Trichy and is conducting a 3 year Diploma Course for the above said fine arts.


Yoga, a part of fine arts department, plays a vital role in developing the sense of well being and increases the capacity of mental concentration among the students. Well qualified graduates in yoga are appointed for imparting specialized training to our students.

School Band

The school also possesses a school band and the students are trained by Retd. Police officers. The services of the band is used in all major Govt. functions in the UT of Puducherry.

To conclude, we would like our students to shine not only in academics but also in sports and various fine arts and that it is made compulsory that every student should learn either one sport or fine arts during his/her course of study. To recognize the artistic talents in our little children and to tap and train them to perfection, we have engaged the services of qualified, well experienced Physical Education Teachers for every game and special coaching is also imparted after school hours to help them compete in state and national level tournaments.

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