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Teaching Learning Methodology

Our School with English as the medium of instruction follows the curriculum guidelines and syllabi laid down by the Tamilnadu State Board. The School syllabi is built on a rich foundation of reading, writing and arithmetic. That foundation is then layered with Science, History, Geography, Moral Science, General Knowledge along with sports and fine arts to ensure all round development of our children. We combine the best classroom-tested materials, teacher-created Lesson Manuals and proven Smart Class educational methodologies all in one complete, meticulously planned curriculum. To make the teaching learning process much effective, to reinforce the study across subject areas, to develop higher order thinking skills and to promote content mastery, the school designs its own Work Book for all subjects.

Focus is placed on uplifting the slow learners. Special attention is given to train them individually so that they are capable of coping with the syllabi of the succeeding classes. Even extremely slow learners come out with unbelievably high scores in the Board exams and are well settled in life now

Apart from the core subjects, training is imparted in English Olympiad, Science Olympiad, Maths Talent Olympiad, Maths Reasoning, Mental Ability etc. so that children are well equipped to face the competitive exams and aptitude tests, boldly and successfully. Similarly efforts are taken to develop the spoken English of the students. Newspaper reading is also a part of the Time Table

Childhood is the time where kids have countless opportunities for play. Research proves that children can improve their motor skill, enhance their power of imagination and creativity by indulging in play. Our Kindergarten curriculum has been designed to be a play way method where the children are given opportunity to socially interact, use their imagination and intellectual skills with plenty of play way exercises to keep the children physically and emotionally healthy. This system of learning has created a joyful learning environment among the KG students and the activities of the students are changed now and then to suit the comfort and the need of the children.

Computer education has been included as a part of the regular syllabi for all the students from Std. III to IX. Abacus programme is also included as a compulsory subject from Std. III to complement their regular learning process. Abacus helps the students in fast computing and is effectively used for teaching the concept of mental arithmetic to children. The curriculum is specially designed for classroom teaching and the students will be completing 2 grades one academic year and in total, there are 6 grades designed to be completed in three academic years.


Physical education in our school is a fundamental program for the development of the motor skills and the enhancement of reflexes. Hand eye coordination, as well as Good body movements, contribute to the child building a healthy body posture.

Physical education teaches students the importance of physique and health and we concentrate on wholesome development of the children by concentrating their regular fitness activity, building self confidence, developing the loco motor skills, concentrating on health and nutrition and keeping the child relieved from stress.

Physical education curriculum is first of its kind in Puducherry which is a prominent feature of the school life. Students take part in various sports activities. In addition to these, after school hours special coaching is imparted to the team players by well trained coaches.

The school has National standardized badminton courts, basketball court, volleyball cum throw ball courts, table tennis court, chess and carom academy, kho kho, tennikoit court along with recently laid indoor cricket court. All the players are given special attention to develop their sporting activity.

We provide ample opportunity to develop a healthy life style. A day at school will begin with all the students marching in the school grounds followed by regular calisthenics activity. Two classes of physical training are compulsory for each student every week. From nursery classes, children practice gymnastics and yoga which help develop confidence, agility and neuro – muscular coordination and reduces stress.

Our school students take part in various national and zonal events and have won laurels to the school and they have also represented the Union Territory of Puducherry in various sports and athletics event all over the country.


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