Admission Process

Amalorpavam Higher Secondary Admission

Nursery (Pre KG, LKG, UKG), Primary, and Higher Secondary Admission

The Admission process is simple and transparent. Admissions are made subject to the availability of seats and fulfillment of the admission criteria. The school admits children from all walks of life irrespective of caste and creed. The admission process is aimed at giving us an insight into the type of education approach, glimpse of the Child’s strength, learning needs and potential.

A notification will be circulated among our school students and at times will be published in the leading news papers. Parents who wish to admit their child in the school need to submit an application form that can also be downloaded online. Parents are requested to be frank and honest in providing the required information in the application form.

Any wrong information or concealment of information discovered later may lead to the cancellation of admission.

The admission to L.K.G will be based on the interaction between the Principal and the Parents. Admission for all other classes from U.K.G will be through a short placement test in specific subjects like Language, English, Mathematics and Science and evaluating the academic competence of the student.

The selected students should produce the valid Transfer Certificate (TC) within the stipulated time.

4th Computer Literacy Excellence Award for Schools for the best ICT usage in Schools.
- Govt. Of India

RATED AAAA+ (Outstanding) . The Highest rating among the Day Schools in Puducherry

CERTIFICATE OF STANDING 130th Rank in India among the TOP 1000 schools in India.
- Education World

National Award of Swachh Vidyalaya Purashkar
- Govt. Of India

CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT India’s 1st Rank in State Board Schools
- Education Today

Additional Information


Part I : Language: Tamil /French.
Part II : English
Part III : Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Part IV : Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science.
Part V : Accountancy, Commerce, Economics and Computer Science.
Part VI : Accountancy, Commerce, Economics and Business Maths.

Download Application Form

Applications for Early Enrolments will be closed on December 31.

Applicants who seek admission will be required to submit a form that is available online as well as offline. Applicants are requested to provide genuine information in the form. Identified cases of misinformation or concealment of information discovered later may lead to the cancellation of admission.

Except for admission in Lower Kindergarten, all admissions are subject to a formal test assessing and evaluating the child’s competency in Language, Mathematics, and Sciences.

Yes, the selected students should produce the valid Transfer Certificate (TC) within the stipulated time.

The admissions of children in Lower Kindergarten are based on the interview held with their respective parents or guardians.


  • We are providing a child-friendly environment that is safe, secure, caring, and stimulating.
  • In our school, we have professional, talented and dedicated staff.
  • Our children are groomed to become responsible and independent individuals.
  • We believe that individual care and instruction are imperative to achieve the desired scholastic results along with overall development. Our 20:1 student-teacher ratio accomplishes our vision.
  • We offer substitute remedial classes for slow learners and provide special attention to them.
  • We integrate celebrations into our institution’s functioning. It is an excellent way of establishing cultural literacy and multicultural awareness amongst the students at an early stage in life. We provide an opportunity for our children to learn about diverse festivals through the celebrations.

A strong Foundation

  • Innovation and creativity are at the forefront of advancement. We believe our pupil’s progress expedites after successfully achieving a harmonious amalgam between innovation and creativity. It enriches their learning experience while facilitating them to maintain focus.
  • Efficiently designed learning centres customized to suit all the developmental needs of our children.
  • We encourage experiential learning. It enables our students to explore their areas of interest while empowering them to examine their strategies in a safe environment.
  • Provision of a stimulating environment conducive to unlocking a child’s full potential.
  • Alongside theoretical comprehension, its application is given utmost importance. We let the children learn everything by doing.
  • Through our personalized teaching methods, we attempt to teach creative problem-solving to the children.
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