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Our science committee seeks to contribute to the young students' extensive understanding of the primary branches of science—biology, chemistry and physics. A fundamental understanding of the concepts is vital for students to compose a firm framework to build upon their scientific knowledge.

The theoretical comprehension of the students is supported by learning through application in a controlled environment within our laboratories. Our intent to develop inquiry amongst the children inspires us to practice experimental teaching techniques that involve them in the process. It allows us to enhance the academic curriculum and provide students with unique learning experiences in safe technological environments.

Our Labs Include

World Class Laboratories that provides the practical requirement every student needs

  • Biology Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Computer Lab
Computer lab

Well spacious and well-ventilated Botany lab at Amalorpavam Higher Secondary School provides specimens, microscopes, permanent slides, the latest method of physiological experiment, genetics, a dedicated section for cutting plants, demonstration, dissection, and more.

There are a lot of interesting chemical formulas to explore in the Chemistry labs. Our chemistry laboratory is designed to support and illustrate chemical concepts and introduce new and improved laboratory techniques to encourage analytical thinking.

Core knowledge of science is the only way to occupy leading positions in research institutes and industrial laboratories in India and the world over. We have a well-furnished, large physics practical lab having a separate darkroom for optics experiments.

The primary goal of the computer labs is to assist students that will enhance their chances of succeeding in technology-based classroom assignments and become computer-literate.


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