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Our curriculum regarding commerce provides an extensive overview of multiple subject matters. Through our study of the subject, we aim to provide adequate knowledge about business, marketing, transportation, communication, insurance, capital, banking and economics, which are the vital divisions of commerce.

We attempt to deliver results by cultivating a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts via supervised sessions concentrating on theoretical modules. Relevant principles of accounting, economics and commercial knowledge are also included in our curriculum to prepare students for pursuing a career in chartered accounting.

Our instructional approach enhances effective teaching and learning, while our planned lectures will facilitate the presentation of ideas, concepts, generalizations and facts. We encourage the students to be observant of the daily activities concerning the subject and allow their theoretical understanding to interact with their experiences through assigned projects.

To get a better understanding of contemporary business practices in different areas of business management.

To know how to conduct business in different cultural settings.

To use new approaches to create new business opportunities and solve problems.

To use critical thinking to analyze, interpret, and make informed decisions.

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