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Primary School Pedagogy

As you step into our Primary School you’ll immediately feel energized and excited.

Building on the strong foundations laid in the Pre-Primary, our students join in Grade 1 and develop their independent thinking skills and a love of learning. An innovative and forward-thinking way of delivering the state board curriculum by talented, specialist teachers is what makes the school the first choice for Pondicherry parents. The solid foundation laid during these years helps our students to go on and crack competitive exams in the future and out-perform their peers.

Opportunities for student are plentiful. We are committed to providing an all-round education that caters for many interests and skills - the academic, the musical, the artistic, the sporty, the creative, the technical and the dramatic.

Learn from the best faculty in Pondicherry

Build a strong foundation to go on and out perform your peers in future

A safe and secure environment and an inspired learning community

The Amalorpavam Edge
  • Innovation and creativity are at the forefront of student development. With the proper guidance and support, we can create a harmonious amalgam between innovation and creativity. That enriches their learning experience while facilitating them to maintain focus.
  • Efficiently designed learning centres customized to suit all the developmental needs of our children.
  • We encourage experiential learning. It enables our students to explore their areas of interest while empowering them to examine their strategies in a safe environment.
  • Provision of a stimulating environment conducive to unlocking the full potential in each student.
  • Alongside theoretical comprehension, its application is given utmost importance. We let the children learn everything by doing.
  • Through our personalized teaching methods, we attempt to teach creative problem-solving to our children.

“If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn.”


  • Our curriculum acts as a resource centre that focuses on learning while the methodologies ensure that it is purposeful and achievement-oriented, promoting innovation and creativity.
  • A well-planned and stimulating curriculum includes life skills, self-care, discipline, and social relationships.
  • Our teachers inspire the kids to explore uncharted territoriessports, physical activities, fine-motor activities, art & craft, cooking and gardening.
  • We fuel their vivid imagination by incorporating story-telling in our teaching.
  • Our extensive curriculum incorporates yoga, music, dance, cooking without flame, fine and gross motor activities and painting to provide unlimited opportunities for the children.
  • Competitive activities help children to develop their competitive skills. It transpires any time an individual or team pitches their skills against one another. So, we conduct IGNITE KIDS TALENT SEARCH COMPETITION that urges children to challenge their status quo, try new things, and build their leadership quality.
  • Through our continuous assessment process that is comprehensive and timely, we keep the parents updated about their child’s progress.
  • With the latest technologies, we aim to provide inspirational and simple teaching methodology.
  • Smart Boards used in our classrooms allow the children to explore everything visually while increasing their attention towards learning.
  • The use of technology acquaints them with techniques to become multi-task efficient.
  • Our school has designed an application that caters to our students’ developmental requirements.
  • We provide a child-friendly environment that is safe, secure, caring, and stimulating.
  • Our staff is professional, talented and dedicated and they make sure that each child is well looked after.
  • We groom our students to become responsible and independent individuals.
  • Individual care and instruction are imperative to achieve the desired scholastic results as well as overall development. Our 20:1 student-teacher ratio accomplishes our vision.
  • We offer substitute remedial classes for passive learners and accommodate special attention to them.
  • We integrate festival celebrations into our institution’s functioning. It is an excellent way of establishing cultural literacy and multicultural awareness amongst the students at an early stage in life.
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