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“Learning is an art that thrives on curiosity”

Moulding children’s character in their most delicate and formative years of development constitutes the fundamental driving force for our diligent efforts. We believe in facilitating their academic prowess with special abilities—critical thinking, reasoning, and analytical thinking. We emphasize the integration of academics, arts, and athletics to bring about the comprehensive development of the children. The goal is to develop their skill set and to nurture the persistent learner in them.

The provision of a supported platform to invent, express, and exhibit one’s skills is imperative to developing a responsible and positive disposition. We strive to create an environment that realizes our aims while encouraging teamwork and free thought among the children. We emphasize learning the advantages of cooperation and competitions to develop into a multifaceted individual.

At Amalorpavam our visionary endeavours are realized by encouraging the youth’s rational temperament and developing their spirit of free inquiry. While we innovate our teaching methodology to make learning more attractive for our students, our teaching practices evolve and continue being a yardstick for relevancy among all institutions and students.

Thiru. S.A. Lourdusamy

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