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Our virtual classrooms are first of its kind among Schools in Pondicherry . It is an tech enabled classroom that allows students to communicate, view presentations or videos, interact with other participants and engage with virtual resources.

The provision of recording the sessions allows for the contents of the study to be made available for the benefit of the students. Smart classes help teachers to deliver lectures more effectively for their better learning experience.

The virtual classroom is equipped with an Interactive-Slate consisting of various educational apps incorporated into the teaching-learning process.

4th Computer Literacy Excellence Award for Schools for the best ICT usage in Schools.
- Govt. Of India

RATED AAAA+ (Outstanding) . The Highest rating among the Day Schools in Puducherry

CERTIFICATE OF STANDING 130th Rank in India among the TOP 1000 schools in India.
- Education World

National Award of Swachh Vidyalaya Purashkar
- Govt. Of India

CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT India’s 1st Rank in State Board Schools
- Education Today

Our Key Points Include

Our virtual classroom is a shared online space where students and the teachers work together simultaneously.

  • The education contents have been developed as movies and the animated movie contents have been mapped with the syllabus of the students so that students are able to understand the syllabus better than by teaching through the rote method of using chalk and the board alone.
  • Its proven that students tend to grasp more knowledge through videos than any other sources.
  • The teachers are trained to handle the software, and in-house software engineers are also available within the school campus for assisting the teachers in content searching and development.

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