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Mrs Mary Caroline auditorium is designed with state-of-the-art facilities. Equipped with a professional sound system that allows for a fully sound-echo-proof amphitheatre, it successfully holds numerous celebrations, cultural events, seminars and symposiums.

With the provision of large plasma screens along with its ability for live telecast, the audience remains entertained throughout while the young artists and entertainers are also provided with green rooms to facilitate their performances.

The Auditorium enables our whole educational community to experience together, the different events organised by the school such as festivals, concerts, contests, work exhibitions, formations and end of year celebrations

4th Computer Literacy Excellence Award for Schools for the best ICT usage in Schools.
- Govt. Of India

RATED AAAA+ (Outstanding) . The Highest rating among the Day Schools in Puducherry

CERTIFICATE OF STANDING 130th Rank in India among the TOP 1000 schools in India.
- Education World

National Award of Swachh Vidyalaya Purashkar
- Govt. Of India

CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT India’s 1st Rank in State Board Schools
- Education Today

Our Key Points Include

Our auditorium aims to provide a common platform for the young learners to enhance their creativity.

  • Creativity can flourish, academics can improve, and means of self-expression can be developed.
  • The venue is used for all types of formal assembly: lectures, seminars, award ceremonies, dramatic presentations, musical theatre productions, concert performances of orchestra and band, competitions of dance and elocution and so on.
  • The spacious auditorium can easily accommodate 1000 people at a time.

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