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Our School has a well equipped dispensary with full time well experienced and qualified nurses, a doctor and a specialized doctor on call. The dispensary is fitted with hospital bed and required medical equipments.

The nurses have access to everything they need along with the medicines to ensure the well being of our students and staff.

The school also organizes regular medical check-up in association with reputed hospitals to undergo physical examination of the children along with the specialized eye and dental check-up, within the premises of the school.

The school takes the immense effort in ensuring the well being of the students.

Our Health care facilities are given below in detail

The school maintains a detailed health report card as prescribed by the government of India. Health report card is maintained for each and every student. The report card is frequently updated. Care and due diligence is given to the maintenance of these health records.

Medical camps are periodically organized by the school to provide health services and create a healthy environment. These camps provide free tests for Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Hemoglobin etc and offers counseling & treatment by trained Doctors and Specialists. Apart from providing basic treatment and general check-up, the Medical Camps also help our children to be aware of their health status.

More than 75% cases of blindness are preventable if identified in time. While eye examinations have so much to offer, they are not of much use if not done regularly. With this in Mind Amalorpavam Organizes regular eye check ups by experienced ophthalmologists. In addition to near-sightedness and far-sightedness, optometrists also look for any other ocular symptoms in these camps

Menstrual hygiene education, accessible sanitary products, pain relief, and adequate sanitary facilities are made available at the school. Hygiene-related practices of women during menstruation are of considerable importance, the school takes considerable efforts to educate all its students.

Amalorpavam has organized more than 10 COVID vaccination camps. Apart from this the school has been actively involved with the health department and has provided necessary vaccines for school children such as polio vaccine , etc,..

With the growing influence of junk food , the school recognizes the importance of obesity training program. BMI of the students are taken and recorded. Obese children are counselled and made to join our training program. The program has gained significant momentum these past few months.

In order to provide healthy alternatives to junk food, the school has tied up with experienced nutritionists and has come with a balanced nutritious meal plan for its children. The plan includes a health drink and a balanced lunch. The meal plan has been carefully curated to ensure the absolute best quality for our children

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