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We, at Amalorpavam Higher Secondary School offer a wide range of structured sports activities to our students to ensure they are physically and mentally fit. Our sports activities help in identifying their hidden talent at the same time making them understand the science behind biomechanics, movement sciences (Kinesiology), and preventive and rehabilitative sciences.

To help create the leaders of tomorrow who are also physically and mentally fit, we integrate sports and education to create the perfect training ground for them, where we encourage our students to pursue their dreams in sports and academics.

17 World Class Sports Facilities

Best amongst any school in Pondicherry

50+ State-level players

Regular coaching and training by experts

Facilities Include

At Amalorpavam , we are dedicated to bring fine athletes into this world. We have a team of professional coaches, who give special attention to each student.

Special care is given in the form of after school hours coaching to help them in performing better at their respective sporting activities. List of sports activities offered by our school are listed below

Our volleyball court has an outdoor synthetic floor that aligns with the national standard court. The flooring is adequately broad (3mm) while the net and posts recreate an authentic court experience for the players. The luminaire flood-lighting ensures the effortless continuance of the games throughout the day. The lighting on the play area  is 300 – 400 lux. Our national-standard level court is the first of its kind among Pondicherry schools.

Our basketball court has an acrylic floor that lays out a levelled and firm surface. The dimensions of 28 meters by 15 meters provide the perfect gaming experience to players in a realistic setting as compared to a court designed by international standards. The court has a movable post fitted with toughened glass designed as per FIBA rules. The court has Philips luminaire flood lighting with high-power LED light and unique flood optics to ensure uniform distribution. The lighting on the play area is 300 – 400 lux.

Our school grounds have cricket nets that are as per the ICC regulations for schools. It accelerates our players’ skills, develops techniques while providing game experience in a controlled environment.

Our indoor table tennis space has seven boards adhering to national standards. Optimal lighting arrangements along with durable equipment account for creating a replayable game. Alongside professional guidance, the players also have an AI robot to facilitate intensive training for beginners and seasoned players. This advancement helps them learn the numerous nuances of the game and face tournaments successfully. Boards are placed over synthetic flooring to recreate the national standards and familiarize the players with the regulations.

Our carrom academy has 12 regulation boards in a comfortable indoor setting. Necessary pieces of equipment, spacious arrangements and adequate lighting with fixtures that are adjustable according to the requirements of the players, allowing them to make an event out of each game.


Our indoor space for chess allows 60 players to play at a time. Our chess academy has 30 chess mats and trainers that conduct state-level competitions annually. We help develop personalized strategies and execution for our students based on their dexterity.

Designed as per national standards, our indoor badminton stadium consists of three sets of courts with synthetic floors and lighting arrangements that provide 300 to 450lux. Professional coaches and AI robots help in guiding the players and facilitating their training. The badminton stadiums have viewing galleries with a capacity of 200 individuals and locker facilities for the players. This indoor stadium is the first of its kind among schools in Pondicherry.

Our kho-kho area has adequate lighting for evening training sessions for students to help them prepare for competition at state and national levels.

The Tennikot court is provided with its standard measurements – cement floors fitted with movable post with adequate lighting for training the students in the evening hours.

The tennis court is provided with International standard 5 layered acrylic Outdoor floored court designed as per International standards fitted with Philips lighting whose lux level is 300 to 450. This Court is first of its kind among Pondicherry schools.

Hand ball court is facilitated with grass layer floored movable post with all standard measurements as per International Handball Federation rules and 5A Side Football rules.

Kabaddi court is facilitated with red soil layer floored movable post with all standard measurement as per IKF Rules and the said court can also be used for playing Ball badminton alternately.

Jump Rope space has cement floors with adequate lighting for training the students in the evening hours.

70 mts track is laid with grass to improve the speed of the runner. It consists of 6 lanes with standard lane to promote sprinters.

Archery court is laid with cement layered floor with 1 movable target areas. All preventive measures are arranged for the safety of the students. Regular trainings are conducted by professionals and individual practice sessions can also be taken in the evening hours.

Our Sports arena occupies the major chunk of about 3 acres . The school has International and National standardised Indoor and Outdoor Sports fields

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