World record in Yoga

Students of Amalorpavam have created a world record in Yoga conducted by Cholan Book of World Records under the category performing Chakrasana and holding it for more than 5 minutes. The students have participated and out-performed in the asanas. The details of records are as follows:

Selvi. Sasmitha of Class 7, holding the position for 36.14 minutes,

Selvi. V. Yashika of class 5 for 10 min.

Selvan. S.K. Rupess of class 9, holding it for 9.01 min.

Selvan. R. Keerthivase of class 4 for 6.35 min.

          The Founder, Correspondent and Senior Principal Thiru.S.A.Lourdusamy congratulated  and wished them for their success in  future endeavours.