Wipro Earthian conducted an activity based learning program for schools under the title “Sustainability and Biodiversity” to create an awareness about bio diversity among the public.  

            Selvi. Thigazhmathi, Selvi. Arunakumari and Selvi Ashwitha of Std. IX from High School Level under the guidance of Mr. K. Prakash & Mrs. D. Revathi and Selvan Sanjay, Selvi. Prithiga Radjou, Selvi. Divyashri and Selvi. Harinie of Std. VI from Primary Level under the guidance of Mrs. E. Prema and Mrs. R. Suriya have participated in the program.

         They have involved themselves in various activities to understand the bio-diversity in our environment.  Specially about “Medicinal Plants and their applications, weirdest ocean creatures and beautiful sea creatures” were studied by the students and researches were made on the same.  Based on their research,   they have submitted a project report to Wipro which has been selected as one of the Five Best State winning schools in Puducherry. They were honoured with meritorious certificates and a memento.

         Senior Principal Sri.S. A. Lourdusamy has congratulated the guide teachers and the students for their selection as the State winners.